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Mentii's Gourmet Meals Story 


Finally! Freshly prepared, organic meals you can create and plan out for your little ones.  Fruits and Vegetables packed with phyto nutrients, minerals and vitamins to help prevent disease and keep those little bodies working properly. 


No salt, no sugar, no preservatives. Just Organic ingredients, freshly prepared.


By now we know that over 25,000 phytonutrients are found in plant foods. Phytonutrients have been scientifically proven to provide health benefits Such as antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties with enzymatic colors which fight disease, Mother Nature’s most perfect foods. Nothing could be better to promote healthy cellular function and growth for your little ones. 

Growing up it was from Mamas garden to Mamas kitchen, Organic fruits and vegetables grown in the rich soils of Ethiopia.  Today its from our kitchen to your Kitchen, freshly prepared, Organic, wholesome meals made with Love.

Prepared and stored in BPA free, microwaveable and freezer safe containers. 

Choose something better…Choose freshly prepared, organic, healthy meals, choose Mentii's Gourmet Meals.



Hurube's Story

I was brought up eating organic food and protein such as chicken and beef with no animal by products, antibiotics or hormones.  My mother prepared our food with herbs and spices, colors and flavors filled with natural enzymes, straight from the earth. 

Those days, in East Africa Ethiopia, are behind me but what remains is a legacy of eating healthy and teaching my own children the value of eating fresh, organic fruits and vegetables that are so vital in developing strong healthy immune systems.  


When my second born, Amentii, was born healthy, following a high risk pregnancy, I was reminded and thankful for the legacy my mother has given me in teaching me the value of eating fresh, organic meals. Inspired to do for my children, what my mother did for me, I prepared fresh organic snacks & meals as soon as Amentii went from nursing to eating. 

Being a Health Care Professional, My Husband a Songwriter/Producer, both being parents of four girls, requires energy and time management that is seldom easy.  However, choosing to optimize our time with preparing meals in advance, with fresh, organic ingredients has proven to be an invaluable investment in more ways than one.  Nutritionally, we are proactive in our children’s health, we are teaching our girls the value of eating well and time has become an asset, as we  now have additional down time with our girls  by preparing  meals & snacks for the week!

My goal is to provide an option for families, an option to feed your little ones fresh, organic, healthy. 

No added salt, no added sugar, preservative free, additive free.

All Products are Peanut Free

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